Bradford Progress Locations

Full Day Child Care
6:30AM – 6:00PM

Located centrally in Bradford, this centre provides all-day childcare for infants as young as six weeks up to and including preschool.  Our four spacious classrooms are set up specifically for the needs of each age group, including junior and senior preschool rooms to foster each stage of a child’s development.  Separate toddler and preschool outdoor spaces allow for a full range of age-appropriate activities.  A nutritious morning and afternoon snack following Canada’s Food Guide is provided, and lunch is catered daily by Wholesome Kids Catering.  The Bradford Centre is FOB-secured and is equipped with a closed-circuit TV monitoring system.

Classroom at the Bradford Centre
Classroom at the Bradford Centre
Main cubby area for children at the Bradford Centre
Dress up play area of a classroom
Front Exterior of Bradford Childcare Centre
Bradford Centre Main Hallway
Outdoor preschool play area at the Bradford centre
Outdoor toddler play area at the Bradford centre

Infant up to 18 Months

$151.20 Weekly or $30.24 Daily

Our infant room offers a bright, clean, and safe environment with staff that are loving and nurturing. These positive experiences greatly support early brain development. Routines such as feeding and rest periods are personalized based on the needs of the infant with careful consultation with the family.

Infants are given the opportunity to explore and make new discoveries throughout the day in a safe and age-appropriate environment. Staff make daily observations and document the infant’s learning and progress to share with parents both in writing and with photos. Infants have a daily balance of indoor and outdoor activities, weather permitting. Each indoor and outdoor activity is planned and developed based on observations made by the staff.

Toddler 18-30 Months

$122.85 weekly or $24.57 daily

We recognize that toddlers are curious about exploring new and exciting activities. Our toddler program is designed to create a safe, loving and developmentally appropriate program for the children in the group.

Our staff spend time during the day observing and documenting the children’s level of development, using these observations to develop plans to assist young toddlers in acquiring new skills, explore new interests, and pique their curiosity. Staff use positive language in the classroom and encourage children to use self-expression to communicate how they feel.

Outdoor play includes access to age-appropriate equipment that is rotated regularly and based on the children’s interest. The staff are play partners and can often be found blowing bubbles, running with children or supporting them in acquiring large muscle development while playing with the children outside.

When your toddler is ready to begin toilet training, staff will work with your family directly on this new adventure.

Pre-School 30-48 Months

$106.80 weekly or $21.36 daily

Our preschool program is designed to meet the developmental and individual needs of all the children in the program. The preschool program also helps children develop the skills necessary for successful entry into the Kindergarten years through a variety of individual and small group activities that support the pedagogy of play based learning.  The program environment is open for children to investigate and explore freely, with support and guidance from staff. 

Photo documentation is posted on a regular basis and each child has an individual portfolio. Daily observations about children’s interests and development assist in adapting planning for the children in the group.  Staff guide the program to support the development of self-help skills, self regulation, and the ability to follow routines. Activities that encourage children to learn about colours, shapes, numbers, and letter recognition are part of the daily programming.

Outdoor play includes games and activities that are child and teacher directed based on the interest of the children on any given day.

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118 Barrie St

Supervisor: Lindsey Fox, R.E.C.E.

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Harvest Hills Child Care
400 Crossland Blvd

Supervisor: Katy Stever,

To book a tour please contact:

Lindsey Fox at 289.383.5943

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691 Simcoe Rd

Supervisor: Katy Stever

To book a tour please contact:

Katy Stever at 289.383.5943